Lé Gadiamb, chutney paradise

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Lé Gadiamb, chutney paradise

Vivid, spicy, tasty and strangely named: the food at Lé Gadiamb serves creole cuisine in a traditional setting.

"Mmmmmh, it's delicious": this could be the translation of Lé Gadiamb. If you need an explanation of the history of the place or the menu, the chef and his team will be happy to enlighten you. Located in the heart of Saint-Denis, near the Petit Marché, Lé Gadiamb is one of the best traditional food establishments in Reunion capital. Cari, zantak, pat'cochon, duck with vanilla, lontan vegetables, tangors, guava ... all the local flavours and traditional preparations are honoured. The snook rougail (smoked fish similar to cod) is especially delicious. It is also a lovely setting, thanks to its guétali, a traditional kiosk with elevated terrace perfect for an aperitif.

Lé Gadiamb
104 rue Roland-Garros
97400 Saint-Denis

+262 (0)2 62 20 10 79


Menu: around 16 EUR