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Best Price Guaranteed

Air France will refund the difference between the 2 tickets, along with a bonus of CNY 500 if, after buying your ticket on airfrance.com.cn , you find a less expensive ticket:
  • by at least CNY 100,
  • on another Chinese internet site,
  • within 24 hours of your initial booking on airfrance.com.cn, 
  •  for an identical flight, itinerary and booking class.

Please note: the refund of the difference and the CNY 500 bonus are to be used on a subsequent trip.

Requesting a Refund

Terms and Conditions

Remember to send us your refund request before midnight on the same day of ticket purchase on airfrance.com.cn

To request an application of the Best Price Guaranteed, send an e-mail to mail.reservation.china@airfrance.fr indicating the information outlined below. We suggest that you copy and paste this list and complete the fields directly in your email.

(*Mandatory information)

1. Your personal details:
  • Surname*
  • First name*
  • Email*
  • Country of residence*
  • Telephone number*
  • Flying Blue number (if you are a member)

2. Your Air France booking:
  • Departure date*
  • Flight number*
  • Departure city*
  • Arrival city*
  • Number of passengers
  • Booking class (Economy, Business, First)
  • Booking number (PNR) *
  • Ticket number  (13 numbers, starting with 057)*

3. Offer found on another site
  • Name of internet site*
  • URL address*
  • Total cost of ticket including taxes*
  • Screenshots  * 
  • Online issuance confirmation provided by the other website*
  • Time you made the booking on this other website *

Once the claim has been assessed, Air France will contact you via email. Air France reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information.


airfrance.cn terms and conditions of Best Price Guaranteed

After having booked a ticket on the airfrance.com,cn website, if you find an equivalent offer at a lower fare on another website within 24 hours of your purchase, Air France will give you a voucher for the difference + 50 Euro (or the equivalent in local currency) . This guarantee applies to a fare difference of at least 10 euros (or the equivalent in local currency), on Air France tickets, for the same flight on the same dates and under the same conditions. See the detailed conditions of application of the guarantee below:

For an application to be validated under this guarantee, it must meet all Air France requirements and comply with the procedures for processing applications listed below.

Conditions of application of the guarantee:

Only differences in price of at least 10 euros (or the equivalent in local currency) will be considered for the guarantee. However, the maximum amount of the fare difference which can be refunded will not exceed 100 euros (or the equivalent in local currency).

The applicable rate for the guarantee includes tax (fare including tax) and surcharges, excluding service charges and the surcharge applied to credit cards payments.

The lowest fare available on the other website must be available and bookable online - and issuable in the fare basis booked online- on the day the purchase on the airfrance.cn website was made.

The lowest fare ticket found on an other website must be issued online and evidence of ticket issuance must be provided together with the application (ticket number, e-ticket mentioning the fare paid or issuance confirmation).

The guarantee applies only to fares found online for the same flight (same flight number), the same departure times, the same itinerary (same departure or arrival airport), the same cabin and the same class of booking (fare code with equivalent conditions) and for a ticket available and bookable on the same day as the purchase made on airfrance.cn. The terms of purchase and the terms of use of the ticket must be identical. All applications must be submitted before midnight (Beijing time) on the same day the ticket was purchased and issued.

The tickets compared must come from an online sales point in China mainland and from airfrance.cn. In addition, the lower fare on the other website must be bookable with the same billing address and have the same currency as the ticket purchased at airfrance.cn .

The guarantee applies only if the request is made by the same person as named on the ticket.

The guarantee applies only to routes fully operated and marketed by Air France and tickets departing from an airport in China mainland.

The nationality of the country making the sale will be determined by the IATA number issuing the ticket, not the domain name.

Refund requests:

The information to send to Air France is available at airfrance.cn in the section "The Best Price Guaranteed". To submit your request, fill in all sections and send by e-mail to the address indicated. Air France’s customer service department will contact you by e-mail. Air France reserves the right to reject any application that can not be properly verified or for which information is incomplete. All applications must be submitted before midnight (Beijing time) the same day the ticket was purchased and issued. Applications cannot be made through other media than the online form intended for this purpose. Other methods of verification (eg. fax, phone, screen prints) are not valid.

For any claim meeting Air France conditions, a "Travel Voucher" for a future purchase will be awarded to the plaintiff for the amount of the difference in fare (limited to a maximum of 100 euros) + 50 euros (or the equivalent in local currency), paid for each return ticket eligible under this guarantee. To make reservations using your "Travel Voucher", please contact Air France reservations. The "Travel Vouchers" are valid for one year from date of issue for the payment of all or part of a ticket on Air France. No extension will be granted. It is not necessary to present the "Travel Voucher" at the time of ticket issuance, but it is important to keep your receipt when booking. The "Travel Voucher" will not be replaced for any reason whatsoever. Any "Travel Vouchers" purchased or sold at auction will be subject to forfeiture or cancellation and the trip will not be allowed. By using the "Travel Voucher", individuals recognize the content of these terms and conditions and agree to abide by the terms thereof.

Exceptions to the guarantee:

The best fare guaranteed applies to fares available to the general public. Fares not available to the general public include:
  • Special fares (reduced fares for companies, corporate contracts, workers, sailors, clergy, ethnic, military, students, any special typological fares, and other discount fares)
  • Air fares sold as a travel packages or groups (and customized flights, charter flights)
  • Fares whose details of the airline and itinerary are unknown until after purchase,
  • Corporate fares, Key Accounts, Seminars
  • a fare differences of less than 10 euros (or the equivalent in local currency),

Other conditions:

Air France reserves the right to terminate or adjust this offer at any time without notice.


Air France is not responsible for any expenses that may result from the cancellation of a booking, for all bookings made on a website other than the airfrance.com.cn website.
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